The #Cute4Kind project is a web series about the cuteness of adopted animals and their families. People can also share their own adopted pet stories to the world through the Cute4Kind website and social media, to help raise awareness about animal adoption. We are also working on a Cute4Kind online store where 100% of profits after cost of […]


The Cow Cat

The Cow Cat is a project I’m creating with my family including Scotch (our SPOT ON model) . We want to spread the spots around to raise awareness of cuteness. Our cats are lucky to have a home, but there are many animals out there that need some loves. So let’s fulfill our hearts!


Love Thai Maak

Love Thai Maak is one of my most favorite projects I’ve ever done in my life. To be able to combine passion and all skills I’ve gained into one project makes me super excited about it. Check Love Thai Maak out!


US Footers

I’m very excited about these projects! I can’t wait to show people what the world’s colors look like. Picture is worth a thousand words, so I built US Footers around the idea of walking through different colored layers of this wonderful world we all fell (and will fall) in love with.